Lou/’Tallica posts 30 second clip of each song on their album, “Lulu”…

Lou/’Tallica uploaded 30 second clips of each track on, “Lulu”, you can listen to them, here.

I think I’m starting to figure out why most people are bashing this project. It isn’t Metallica they are hating on, it’s Lou Reed people are bashing. I’m finding that most people enjoy the music of Metallica on “Lulu”, but it’s Lou Reed’s singing that a lot of people aren’t liking.

Let me tell you why…all these Metallica fans who are bashing Lou Reed are mostly young kids that are strictly metal fans. They aren’t really into any other genres outside of metal. I am thinking they don’t really listen to regular rock n’ roll much. Lou Reed has been in the music industry for at least 40 years, he had a longer career than Metallica. I’m willing to bet, Metallica fans don’t even know much about Lou Reed’s music career. Kids of today’s generation are having a hard time understanding Lou Reed.

I’ve been a Lou Reed fan for years, I love both of them, Lou and Metallica. I love the “Velvet Underground” stuff and Lou’s solo album, “Transformer”.

Does the metal world deserve an introduction to Lou Reed? Hell yes, absolutely.

The songs I’m hearing on “Lulu”, Metallica still has that old school speed metal sound, especially the song, “Mistress Dread” which reminds me of, “And Justice For All”. People trashing Lou’s vocals, they just don’t understand that Lou had the same singing style for years. Lou still sings the same way. Lou may not sing as good as James Hetfield, yes, but the passion is there in Lou’s singing, and the way he sings is very poetic sounding.

Just give it time, when “Lulu” comes out Nov. 1st, I know a lot of people are going to buy the album, just out of curiosity. So it’ll probably sell well. I’d be surprised if it becomes a no. 1 record. When people buy the album, they’ll want to look into Lou Reed’s past, they’ll start to listen to the Velvet Underground and his solo music, maybe, the fans will have a change of heart with Lou and say to themselves, “Man, Lou Reed is actually a genius”. That’s what I’m hoping.

Lou’s songs on “Lulu” is really deep and serious stuff. The stories have always been controversial and scared people for years. Frank Wedekind’s work is really incredible stuff. Wedekind’s work deserves to get known in the U.S.



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