Thought: Marilyn Manson isn’t creepy, he just wants to be different…

Marilyn Manson and Casey Anthony have been voted the top choices of E-poll’s “Creepiest Celebrity”, list. I mean, really?

I don’t see how Marilyn Manson is creepy. His image and the things he wears is part of being different, a fashion lifestyle. Not sure what to call his style. If he wants to look like this in public, that’s who he is. That’s who he wants to be. No matter what you all think of Marilyn Manson, you gotta give him the respect. His look maybe a little weird, yes, but he had a lot of guts to look like this if he wanted to get a music career. If he didn’t look like this and looked like a regular human being like all of us, then he wouldn’t even get a music career. His shock rock image is what made him famous.

While I’m sure Marilyn himself wouldn’t think he’s creepy, I’m sure he’s flattered that he got mentioned for this anyways. It’s a free country. People can dress how they want and look how they want.

As far as Casey Anthony goes, she’s not even a celebrity. Just an accused child killer who made the news, that’s all. I don’t see how she’s famous.

If there were celebrities that should make pretty high on the list, I would prefer Chaz Bono to be no. 1 or Mike “The Situation” to be no. 2.


One thought on “Thought: Marilyn Manson isn’t creepy, he just wants to be different…”

  1. I agree!
    As for Casey Anthony, she is not a Celebrity and therefore should not be in the same Category as other real Celebrities. She is indeed just an accused child killer who made the News! Creepy, that she is.

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