About gym floors…

After doing some reading and research on gym floors, I read that the floors at my local gym could be rubber floor tiles. Maybe that’s why they feel like they are hard as stone. They help protect the equipment being dropped on the floor. Even though that is what the floor tiles at the gym could be used for, I still disagree with weight dropping. It causes a distraction with other people working out or it could cause an injury to yourself and other people. I believe that the rubber floor tiles were put there, in case, you drop the weights by accident.

Some people are so careless and selfish in the gym, they think they own the gym for themselves. It’s a public place. So you need to be courteous, kind and respectful to others.

I don’t see too many people dropping weights to the floor. I see many that are very careful and responsible. Once in a while, I’ll see someone dropping weights like if they were nothing.

The only time it’s okay to drop weights to the floor is when you’re doing Power Lifting for some professional competition or something. That’s when it’s okay. If you’re not a power lifter, then it’s just dangerous and risky.

Just don’t do it. Most people I’ve seen in the gym are respectful and courteous like I said, but sometimes, I’ll see a few idiots who can be pretty rough on equipment.