This Day In Music: 11/8/11

Here’s the “This Day In Music” for today.



Musician birthdays: Bonnie Raitt, Jack Osbourne (the son of Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne).


– In 1965: The Beatles worked on a new George Harrison song ‘Think For Yourself’ at Abbey Road for their forthcoming Rubber Soul album. After rehearsing the song, they recorded the basic instrumental track in one take.

– In 1969: Something’ the first Beatles A-side composed by George Harrison entered the UK singles chart, it peaked at No.4 in the UK and went on to be a No.1 on the US chart.

– In 1971: Led Zeppelin released their fourth album. With no title printed on the album, and generally referred to as Four Symbols, The Fourth Album or Led Zeppelin IV, it has gone on to sell over 37 million copies worldwide. The 19th century rustic oil painting on the front of the album was purchased by Robert Plant from an antique shop in Reading, Berkshire, England. The 20th century urban tower block on the back of the full gatefold LP cover is Butterfield Court in Eves Hill, Dudley, England.

– In 1975: David Bowie made his US TV debut performing ‘Fame’, on the Cher CBS-TV show.

– In 1975: Elton John was named Godfather to John and Yoko Lennon’s son Sean.

– In 1986: Taken from the film ‘Top Gun’, Berlin started a four-week run at No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘Take Your Breath Away’.

– In 2000: Spice Girl Mel C made a foul-mouthed attack on Westlife, calling them ‘a useless bunch of talentless tossers’ and ‘as hyped-up shit’. Mel made the attack during The Spice Girls party to launch their new album ‘Forever’.

– In 2008: AC/DC started a two-week run at No.1 on the US album chart with ‘Black Ice’ the bands fifteenth studio album and the second-best selling album of 2008.

– In 2009: Former Smiths frontman Morrissey stopped a concert halfway through his second song after being hit by a beer bottle. The 50-year-old singer who was hit in the eye by a plastic bottle of beer, said goodnight to the 8,000 strong crowd in Liverpool, England before walking off.


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