It’ll take years for me to get a bigger chest, but I’m working on it…

It’s interesting on how some people react to my progress photos. When I post my progress photos publicly, I get laughed at and get made fun of by some. Some people tell me I need more work or worse, they even go as far as telling me I look like crap, they tell me to quit working out. People give positive comments to other progress pics, even if they are not in the greatest shape.

I’ve said it before, when you get into fitness, start posting your pics online, you’re gonna have to deal with a lot of critics. Be it, either negative or positive responses.

Of course, I’m gonna need more work on my chest muscles. I just started like a little over 3 years ago, of course, I’m not gonna get a big chest this soon. Getting a bigger chest takes years & years of hard work. I’m doing the best I can to improve my pecs doing all kinds of benching, dumbbell floor presses,  flies, cable cross overs, pushups, etc. My chest is slowly getting an improvement just a little bit. I feel them getting bigger just a little bit.

I would say by the next several years, my pecs would start to look like an actual bodybuilder. It takes a while, this don’t happen over night. People seem to not understand that yet.

I’m okay with getting made fun of and bashed on for my fitness physique. Negative feedback doesn’t bother me at all, ’cause it’s actually a great motivation tool to help me work hard even more. So the haters, can keep hating all they want to.

In the fitness world, everyone really does have weird and strange attitudes. Everyone wants to feel smart and tough because they work out in a gym. It’s even weirder getting feedback from other bodybuilders ’cause they’ll all be arguing who is right and who is wrong, who is stronger and who is not. Ego and jealousy gets in the way with everything, that’s all it is. Everybody wants to feel ripped and tough ’cause they lift weights.

As you’ve noticed, I never had that kind of attitude. Even though I’m not in the best of shape yet, I’m proud of myself for changing my lifestyle and getting healthy, that’s all that it should matter. Leave your ego out the door. People should be proud of me for that, and they just don’t want to admit it.


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