Cool Video: Metallica responds to the Mini Band covering “Enter Sandman”…

Remember the Mini Band, which has band members of 8-10 year old kids covering Metallica’s, “Enter Sandman”? The video was becoming an internet sensation, getting a lot of hits, and Metallica, the band themselves, finally picked up on it. Here is the boys in Metallica themselves in their studio watching the video. Kirk Hammett’s kids even went in there and watched it with them.

I also loved it when Kirk kind of dissed the band a little bit and James defended them by saying, “They already are incredibly great, man”. What Kirk said was kind of rude and kind of a back handed way, of saying they suck, but James and Lars turned the feedback into a more positive direction.

Metallica enjoys other musicians covering their work. They made videos responding to other people’s work in youtube before, this wasn’t the first.


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