BREAKING NEWS: Tony Iommi diagnosed with lymphoma cancer…

Black Sabbath, just announced the sad and heartbreaking news this morning, that Tony Iommi, the legendary guitarist that created heavy metal, has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

Even if Tony is now sick, Black Sabbath vows to finish their new studio album with original members as planned.

Could this affect their upcoming world tour that they had originally planned, though? They might have to cancel some gigs or worse, cancel the entire tour if Tony, continues to get worse. The band didn’t say anything about their tour, if they will continue it or not, but I’m sure we’ll hear something soon.

This is very sad. Lymphoma is a hard cancer to fight, it’s pretty much a death sentence, so hopefully, Tony does fight it successfully. I wish him well and fight the good fight.

Tony just made his dream come true by reuniting the original members of Sabbath. He’s been trying to make it happen for years. He’s the master of guitar.

Read their announcement, here.


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