Report: Author, Seth Grahame-Smith penning script for new, “Beetlejuice”, movie? Also, Michael Keaton and Tim Burton might come back as well…

The author of, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, and ,”Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, wants to write the script for a new “Beetlejuice” movie, but wouldn’t say if it will be sequel of the first movie or a re-boot.

Tim Burton says he is game for directing “Beetlejuice” again, and best of all, Michael Keaton wants to return to the character.

More on the story, here.

I’m all for a sequel to, “Beetlejuice”. I’ve always wondered why the film was left with only one movie, when I know you can tell more stories with this character. A sequel should have been made years ago.

I’m sure Michael is going to get accused by many that he will be too old to play Beetlejuice, but the character wore a lot of makeup, so you won’t notice his aging anyway. I’m pretty sure he can still do the Beetlejuice voice, very well. The 1988, “Beetlejuice” film, was awesome.

The question is, will Winona Ryder and Alec Baldwin come back? A cameo would be okay for them, but leading roles no.


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