Report: Johnny Ramone’s widow, Linda, will finally publish the former Ramone’s rocker memoir this Spring…

8 years ago, Johnny Ramone, one of the guitarists for the legendary punk rock band, The Ramones, died of prostate cancer. Before his death, he wrote a memoir, but it was never published. Johnny’s wife/widow, recently announced, she will finally get the book published for him after all these years.

The book will be titled, “Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone”, will hit stores on, April 2nd. The book will only be a 176 pages long and it will be full of photos selected by Linda.

Read the full story, here.

As a huge Ramones fan, I’m definitely looking forward to this. Hopefully this will be available for Ibooks for the Ipad ’cause I won’t shop at Barnes & Noble too much anymore. I fuckin’ love the Ramones. “Hey ho, Lets go, hey ho, lets go”….


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