Report: The Boss unveils new album title, tracklisting and new song…

Bruce Springstee, the Boss of rock n’ roll, finally unveiled some stuff of the new album. They are still continuing the E Street Band, since after the death of Clarence Clemons. The name of their new album is titled, “Wrecking Ball”, and will hit stores, March 6th. Judging by the album title and song titles, looks like the music on the album is going to be pretty angry, so Bruce definitely does have a message to say. He also won’t give up the political songwriting in the lyrics.

Read all the info at Bruce’s website, you can also hear a new song off the new album, “We Take Care of Our Own”, here.

I’m a big fan of the Boss but honestly, his political songs are getting old. I wish he would write about other things, looking forward to the new album though.


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