Thought: “Breaking Bad” is my new favorite show!!!

After all the few TV shows that I love to watch like “Friday Night Lights”, “24”, “The Walking Dead”, “Game of Thrones”, “Dexter”… you can now add “Breaking Bad” to the list!!! “Breaking Bad” is such an incredibly addicting show. I couldn’t stop watching ever since I started.

I’m just amazed on how realistic the show is. These things that happen in the show can happen to people in real life. The show just wants to help bring awareness to cancer. Not only that, it also wants to give you an example of how being a drug dealer can mess up your life terribly, so you won’t do it.

The writing of the show is just excellent. The cast is very well acted. Especially, Bryan Cranston who plays Walt, wow, what a phenomenal actor he is. The show is pretty unpredictable too. It can go into some pretty interesting twist and turns. The show can get pretty intense and dramatic as well. Some of the storylines can be become pretty shocking and some can be very sad. I won’t spoil things for you but I can give you a hint that if you think the characters on the show will end in a happy ending for them, think again.

While it’s a shame that the show will only be getting 5 seasons, I can definitely see this show being made into a big screen movie too. I think Skyler (Walt’s wife), is a great character too.

People in facebook been trying to talk me into start watching it. Now I’m finally able to get around to it. I just watched the first two seasons, and I’m just starting season 3 on Netflix. Netflix don’t have Season 4 yet ’cause it’s not on DVD yet but will be soon. I want to catch up with all 4 seasons before Season 5 later this year.

After I finish watching “Breaking Bad” on Netflix, I plan to start watching, “Sons of Anarchy”. “Breaking Bad” is one of the best shows ever and it’s probably my no. 1. I can understand why the show is so popular. It feels good to finally start watching the show.


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