BREAKING NEWS: Axl Rose writes letter to Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, will not attend ceremony and declined induction…

Well, this is no surprise! Guns N’ Roses is still being inducted, Axl is not going with them. Axl, the frontman of Gn’R, wrote a letter to the Hall of Fame, saying he will not attend and will not be inducted. The reason? He just feels that he isn’t wanted and respected there. I mean, wtf, man? Of course, the Hall of Fame supports him! He’s just being a self centered ego-maniac, like he always is!!!! There is no Guns N’ Roses without Axl because he IS Guns N’ Roses. The guy’s a douchebag, always has been. I usually respect most talent in music but I don’t respect Axl.

Read more on the story, here.


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