Maybe people out there do respect me as a musician, I don’t know…

It really is hard for a musician to tell whether other people respect them as a talented musician or not. I’m starting to see that other musicians and some music fans agree that I’m a talented musician still. Other musicians try to tell me that I’m good at what I do, but over the years, I kept saying that I’m not that good like other people say I am. I kept thinking I’m overlooked and ignored too much, but maybe I’m not after all? Dude, I gotta quit being so sensitive and dramatic, lol. It’s pretty flattering that the positive feedback keeps coming in every time I release something new.

I would still say I’m overlooked by the press and local media though. While, I’m noticing my music still gets attention through other musicians, it would be nice to get noticed by the local press at least. Maybe an interview or some reviews would be kind of nice, but I’m okay if I don’t get recognized by the press. I’ll just keep doing what I do, make the music for you guys. If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be doing this still. I probably would have given up music completely, if I knew that people wouldn’t support my music at all, but I’m realizing I still do have fans out there.

I’m trying to get new music out there for everyone, just taking my time and want to make the best music possible for my next batch of songs. I’m planning on making 2 demo albums. One full band disc, and the other one an acoustic one. The acoustic demo will be the one so I can get out to clubs & venues for booking gigs with. The full band one will be just for your listening pleasure. I’ll be recording the full band tracks through Garageband, Ipad app.

I’m really trying to focus on getting my timing and rhythm down good enough so I can stay in sync with the drum tracks in homerecording, that’s the most important thing I’m working on. So for the fans out there, that still stuck with me musically, thanks.

I want to release a real official album sometime, but when I do, it’ll probably be an internet only release. I can’t afford CD manufacturing at this point, so I’ll do all I can to put my first album out on Itunes/Amazon/Spotify or something like that. More music will be coming sometime, I’m just taking my time and not getting too ahead of myself.


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