Report: CBGB’s maybe making a comeback but to a new venue and new location…

The legendary, CBGB’s club responsible for starting the NYC punk movement, maybe closed, but the club could be making a return. However, a club spokesman said the club will be looking for a new venue and new area in NYC.

More on the story, here.

While I think it’s a good idea to move on to a new place, the new CBGB’s is never going to top the original venue that had so much history. The new place is never going to be better than the old place. They can move on and forget about the past, all they want to, but this isn’t the late 1970’s anymore. I don’t think any band can turn the new place on top like the Ramones did. The Ramones, were one of the first bands to play there when the club first opened.

I’ve never been to the original CBGB’s before. Never played a gig there and never saw a show there. My point is, the new CBGB, won’t be as good as the original. I never been to the original venue, but I understand the place had so much rock n’ roll history even that venue could be a shithole like all the others.


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