Cool Video: Black Sabbath performs their hometown of Birmingham last night, minus Bill Ward on the drums…

Last night, Black Sabbath, the original members (minus Bill Ward, of course), played the O2 Academy in Birmingham, the hometown of the band. They used this gig as a try out, to see if they still have it for their Download and Lollapalooza performances, in other words, this is just a warm up performance. As expected, Black Sabbath did put on a KILLER show even without Bill. Like I said before, no matter who the drummer is, the band is going to rock it.

There are mixed opinions and views by the public of this Black Sabbath vs. Bill Ward feud. Some support Bill, and hate Sabbath for what they’ve done. There are also those that support Sabbath and hate Bill for being a greedy egomaniac. So who’s side am I on? Both of them. Whatever they do behind the scenes of the music business is their business, lets just leave it at that. Nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes. Everyone is going by what Bill said about Black Sabbath on his website. Whatever they do is between them, we don’t know anything.

Black Sabbath is doing the right thing, brushing off Bill’s drama. Just appreciate music and appreciate Black Sabbath, if you call yourself a true fan. I don’t know who this mysterious drummer is in the videos but he seems to be doing a good job. Even if Tony has cancer, he still looks great in these videos. You can tell he’s pretty sick, but he seems to play well like always.

Enjoy these videos!


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