Man, who cares if John Travolta could be a closet homosexual…

Can John Travolta go through so much drama? Sometimes, I just feel bad for the guy! Ever since Travolta’s son, Jett, died, it seems that Travolta’s life quickly turned into a negative direction with all this drama. Right after his son’s tragic death, he went through all this extortion bullshit, and now he’s being accused of being a homosexual. I don’t think he touched other masseur’s dicks because they dropped charges at the end so that kind of shows that John is innocent. Now he is being sued by an author who writes about celebrity sex encounters.

Even if it’s true that John Travolta could possibly be gay, it’s all up to him if he wants to come out publicly. His personal life is nobody else’s business but his own. He seems like a good guy and he’s a decent actor as well. I like a lot of his films. The guy is a talented actor that he can play just about everything. Yes, he’s a Scientoligist, but at least he keeps the Scientology topic out of the media and doesn’t promote it like, Tom Cruise.

Even though all this drama and misinformation keeps coming about John, he keeps working on film, staying above it. He continues to work ’cause that’s what he is, an actor. When people come after him like this, it’s pretty obvious they do it in a jealous rage because of his fame and fortune. John is a pretty successful actor, and a billionaire, and these guys just want to see him fail. This is the price of fame, folks. It may sound like a cool world, but at the same time, it can be dangerous. Fame can destroy you as a person if you’re not careful. I wish those jealous assholes would just leave him alone and let him live his life how he wants to. People just go after him for 15 minutes of fame and hoping to get rich off of him. Period!


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