Brock speaks out on Randy Blythe manslaughter controversy in Prague…

Lamb of God frontman, Randy Blythe, has been arrested in Prague, which is the Capital of the Czech Republic. He was arrested for an incident back in 2010 during a concert where he is accused of an onstage altercation with a fan, in which later, the fan died of injuries. He was charged for manslaughter. He is now out on bail.

Of course, fans of Lamb of God, try to stick up for Randy. Claiming it was for self defense. The fan jumped on the stage when he wasn’t welcomed. All that stuff, blah blah blah blah. Okay, here is my honest thoughts on this story…

While I’m a fan of Lamb of God myself. I have their first two albums, and even saw them in concert when they opened for Metallica a few years back, I would have to agree with the manslaughter charge and Randy should be investigated. Before you get pissed, here’s why. Fans getting killed at concerts is nothing new. It’s been happening for years. Especially at metal concerts. Metal concerts can get worse, with the aggressive mosh pits and all. There are a lot of fans in facebook and other places online saying, that the fan got what he deserved ’cause he jumped on the stage where he didn’t belong. I mean, really? People jump on stages at concerts all the time, it happens. Usually when that stuff happens, the security will walk them off to the side of the stage, not throw them off. Why do fans jump on the stage? A lot of reasons: 1) To get a closer look at the rock stars. 2) They like to jump off the stage and into the crowd themselves. The list can keep going, but those two are the big reasons.

You see, you can’t always side with the rock stars on these things. I mean, what if they start it, sometimes you know? Rock stars can get a little aggressive and excited on stage, that sometimes they can get into a destructive mode and they want to start acting tough. Yes, the fan may have been drunk or on drugs that night and he was acting way out of line but there are better ways to handle things. Watching the video below, Randy wasn’t alone on throwing the fan off the stage. He got help with a huge man on the video, which looks to be a bodyguard or security or something.

I’m pretty sure Randy himself is feeling pretty horrible about this. I’m sure he even feels bad about the fan and his family/friends. I’m sure Randy didn’t mean what he did, ’cause he is a performer and even rock stars can make mistakes too. They’re not perfect, just like we aren’t. No matter what you think of the fan, he did not deserve it. Think about the family and friends. We don’t know how the whole thing happened, we weren’t there, so you can’t immediately call, Randy, an innocent man. Just because you’re a fan, doesn’t mean you have to be on his side. Like I said before, I’m a fan of Lamb of God, I love their music, but I think it’s wrong that Randy did this. He should have handled it better. All fans deserve to be treated safely at concerts, no matter how rough they can get. The fan was a human being and he was young. He didn’t deserve that. Just wait for the trial and then we can judge.


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