RIP: Sage Moonblood Stallone 1976 – 2012

This is really sad news. I’m sure Sylvester, had to pull out of San Diego Comic Con today, when he heard the news that his son, Sage Stallone, has passed away. My heart goes out to Sly and his family. I’m pretty sure, Sly is very heartbroken and emotional about this news. Sage is mostly famous for his role as Rocky Jr., in “Rocky V” and he also co-starred with Sly in the film, “Daylight”.

Sage did not have a very big movie career. He was mostly a big fan of horror films. I believe, he even started his own horror film production company. He directed a few horror films and starred in several of them. Sage is the son of actress, Sasha Czach, who Sly was once married to.

Read more on the story, here.

I’m pretty sure the entire Stallone family is devastated, not just Sly, again, my heart goes out to them. Will this affect Sly’s movie career? Maybe a little bit, but not bad. I’m sure Sage would want his father to keep going.


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