Brock speaks more on the Colorado “Dark Knight: Rises” shooting…

Like usual, whenever a shooting happens in the USA, it’ll spark a huge internet debate about guns and the second amendment. There is also a lot of talk that  movie theaters across the USA will start tightening security. Maybe have metal detectors at theaters or have more security guards keeping a watch out, wouldn’t surprise me if that stuff is coming. There will also be plenty of parents blaming it on dark & violent movies.

There is a lot of talk on why this kid would dress up as the Joker and commit this horrible crime. People are putting the blame on mental illness and this kid is a nutcase, and stuff. You see, while this crime is horrible and shouldn’t have happened, my heart goes out to the victims either alive or dead, these things are bound to happen, the bigger a movie franchise gets. The bigger a movie franchise gets, the more it will bring out all kinds of weird & crazy fans. As I predicted the kid turned out to be a massive Batman fan, and turns out that the Joker is his favorite. So people are asking, why would the kid do this?

Well, considering that this kid turned out to be a massive Joker fan (probably the Heath Ledger era), this kid simply wanted to be like the Joker. The Joker inspired him some mysterious way, so this kid who committed these shootings, just simply wanted to be America’s most well known “villain”. Just like in the comics, you know what I mean? You know how in the comics, when a Batman villain commits horrible crimes, and it’s all over the news in the comics? Well, the same thing is happening here, except it’s happening in real life. I repeat, this kid wanted to be a successful real life villain, like the Joker.

This certainly wasn’t a random act, the kid did his homework and planned it out before hand, and it’s possible, he may have gotten some help from others. Maybe with some friends who are also die hard, Batman, fanatics. Joker and his goons. Violent superhero movies have been getting bigger and bigger, each year. So you shouldn’t be surprised that something like this was going to happen anyway, no offense. The Batman franchise have the weirdest fans out of all superheros though. A lot of Batman fans can be whack jobs.  A lot of them think they really are the characters from the comics & movies.

It also wouldn’t surprise me that this kid knows everything about the Joker, knows everyone of his jokes by heart and I’m sure he’s sitting in jail acting like the insane Joker from the comics & movies. The fact of the matter is, people. You shouldn’t blame it on guns or violent movies. You should blame it on these geek fan boys who become obsessed with these characters. The kid is probably mentally ill and delusional, yes, but he is evil ’cause he simply wanted to be, like the comics. Think about it, and hope you get the point.



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