I made two separate posts ’cause it seems like the whole internet loves to talk about spoilers of “The Dark Knight: Rises” online. I made one review with non-spoilers and here is the spoiler post, so those who already saw the movie can discuss the storyline here.

Okay, here we go….



*****************SPOILER WARNING*************************************



The special cameos that made the movie were Ra Al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson) and the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy). I almost forgot that the Ra Al Ghul character is immortal, and I kind of predicted that Ra’s was going to appear in the movie, anyway. It’s also no surprise that Miranda Tate ended up being Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s daughter.  I was never a big comic book reader but with a little internet research, all this Bane, Ra Al Ghul and Talia stuff were borrowed from various comics over the years.

As for the film’s questionable ending, after Batman sacrificed himself to save Gotham City, John Blake (who was an actual character from the Batman comics, btw), revealed himself as Robin John Blake, then he goes to the Batcave, discovering all of Batman’s secrets. Does this mean that he is about ready to become Robin at the end of it? Absolutely!

Now, it will be pretty cool if Warner Bros. gave Robin his own spin off movie, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt still playing the character, even if Christopher Nolan is not directing. If Warner Bros. is planning on some kind of re-boot, they can still keep the stories going with Robin. Not sure if they will do that or not, but that’s what it’s looking like.

I know it’s sad that Batman dies at the end of the movie, but in the comics, DC experimented with Batman deaths a few times before. Most everything through all the three Nolan “Dark Knight” films were inspired from comics and graphic novels. I wish there could be more Nolan “Dark Knight” films, but I understand why he wants to move on. WB’s would probably have no choice but to reboot Batman again, which would be the 4th re-boot I believe. The two Keaton/Burton films, the two Schumacher films, the three Nolan films, you get the deal. It’s going to be interesting to see how Warner’s going to reboot Batman after this. Whether they will continue the stories without Nolan or re-boot it again, whatever their plans are, will be interesting.

As for the Bane character, throughout the whole movie, I just loved the way how Bane was seen as this menacing monster, and then at the end of the movie, you actually felt sorry and sad for the guy, after it was revealed, that Bane tried to help Talia out of that prison. He got scarred because of it, which explained why he wore that scary mask. After that scene, that’s when you felt emotion for that character, and now understand all the pain Bane is going through, and why he is what he is. It turned out that Ra’s could be Bane’s father.

*********************END SPOILER****************************



Well, this is all I had to get off my chest for the spoilers discussion. Hope you enjoy, feel free to add more to it if you want. It’s too bad Heath Ledger is gone. If he was still here with us, Im pretty sure, he would have definitely been in the movie somehow as the Joker. I’m glad they used Bane though ’cause he has always been a lesser known Batman villain. He shouldn’t be a lesser known villain anymore though. 🙂


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