Dave Mustaine has always been politically outspoken, even with Megadeth songs…

The public backlash for Dave Mustaine has gotten much worse, for this metal legend. Angry fans are bashing him in his official facebook page and there are fans trashing him on the Megadeth page. Of course, there are those obsessive fan boys that still support him, no matter what. I still support Dave and Megadeth. He says a lot of stuff I agree with, and sometimes he says stuff that makes me want to scratch my head. He maybe a weird guy when it comes to political discussions and debates, but the man can speak what he wants. Pretty much most of Megadeth’s entire catalog of songs are mostly political and topical stuff. Like the “Peace Sells” album for starters.

Why be offended at Dave now when you should have been offended at him years ago? As I said, if you do a google research, you would find things he said that were much worse than blaming Obama on the gun shootings. Check this out, here. Just an example.

Politics discussion have always been controversial. Whenever someone says something that other people disagree with, that makes him an evil asshole. It’s not easy discussing politics everywhere you go. It seems like you have to watch what you say at all times. If people disagree with it, you get yelled at. I have trouble talking politics myself. When my opinion is different than others, that’s when I get people going in facebook. I’m all for “traditional” marriage myself, I don’t agree with gay marriage, and it’s hard having an opinion on that.

Most politicians and music activists like to talk politics in a brutally honest way, but Mustaine likes his discussions in a no holds barred type of way. He’s not afraid to say stuff that’s on his mind. I agree that some of the stuff he says, can be whacky, but you gotta respect the 1st amendment. Dave doesn’t seem like a bad dude, he seems friendly. I think people need to relax over him and not take him too seriously. He likes to speak his mind on politics like a lot of people. He’s anti Obama like a lot of musicians out there seem to be.

Another thing, I wouldn’t compare Mustaine to Ted Nugent. Totally unfair.

I’m sure we’ll get a statement from Dave soon, hopefully this weekend. Maybe he’ll apologize? I don’t think so ’cause he never seemed apologetic at all with his statements from the past. Maybe people just misunderstood his comments. Maybe he meant Obama wasn’t really behind the shootings but he manipulated it to happen somehow, with money and power. Something like that, ya know?

I just don’t think Dave deserves this backlash. Looking forward to his response soon though, you know you’re going to hear from him soon. He might post something on his twitter or facebook. I’ll keep an eye on them.


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