To the American People… We Are Doomed… Doomed Forever…

To the American People,

How can you vote for a President who has lied to us plenty? How can you vote for a President who has lied about Benghazi and continues to ignore the 4 U.S. victims that were killed there? Obama continues to ignore them and show no sympathy. How can you vote for a President, who seems to be hiding and covering up his birthplace just to be President? How can you vote for a President who has done nothing to improve our economy and continues to get worse? How can you vote for our President who continues to say that he killed Bin Laden, yet, he doesn’t reward Seal Team 6, when they did the job? How can you vote for a President who won’t do anything about Nuclear Weapons with Iran, yet, he continuously attacking other countries such as Pakistan?

The key to Obama’s re-election is that he won over the women voters. Simply because of Mitt Romney’s views against women, from that second debate. If the reason that women voted Obama is because of “Women’s Rights” then you have voted the wrong person. I’m sure the people who voted Obama, hate Obama like most people, but most voted Obama because they felt it was better than getting women’s rights taken away. How is Mitt Romney trying to take away women’s rights? I don’t understand. They don’t understand. Mitt is against abortion and so am I. Sure women, have all their right to do what they please with their bodies and they shouldn’t be told what to do, but do they really want to do something dangerous and risky? Do they really want to risk something, that they’re going to have to live the rest of their lives for? A fetus is a human being. Killing an unborn child is the same thing as murder. Nothing really different about it, no matter what you think of it. Abortion is the only right that Mitt could have taken away, but…

Mitt can’t take away other rights. Mitt knows it. That was not his intention of what he was trying to do. Women’s rights can’t be taken away. So why are women getting their panties in a bunch about this? Sure. I disagree with a few other things about Mitt’s views on women, but he is not a woman hater, and he is not trying to take their rights away. He’s actually trying to do what’s best for women, for their safety, their well being, and their families. Plus, it was his way of helping the economy. There were even women out there who agreed with Mitt’s issues and thought he would be the right man for President.

Either way, it was a very close election. Mitt was doing very good. You can’t deny that, know matter what you think of Mitt. If Mitt haven’t said those things about the women, I’m sure he could have won the election, no matter what happened. I may not agree with some of Mitt’s issues, but the only reason I voted for him, was to help get rid of Obama. America, needs to wake up and realize that Obama is not the right man to be President. Too many people are saying that Obama is such a good guy and a great President, when they need a reality check, that he isn’t.

It was no surprise that Obama won, honestly. I kind of had a feeling it was coming anyway. I don’t see how people like Obama so much. It’s just unreal to me. There is no hate against black people. No racism here. Of course, it’s hard not liking a president when we get our first black president, ’cause everyone is going to start playing the race card. Just wait until we get our first female president, and those who don’t support her, will get called sexist or we’ll get accused of being hateful toward women. We’re not racist ’cause we don’t like someone who is black. We just don’t like him as a person. If we were racist, we would be avoiding all black people like the plague, which you don’t see any of that going on here. I like black people. I treat all people with respect no matter the race, they are in.

Although I hate discussing politics online ’cause it’s hard to have an honest opinion, when it’s different than everyone else, politics almost always get heated and negative. Now that the election is over, this will be the final politics discussion for a long while, ’cause I don’t want this to be a political site. Unless something is worth posting here that I need to get off my chest, I’ll do it. I want this to be an entertainment blog. Now back to that.


5 thoughts on “To the American People… We Are Doomed… Doomed Forever…”

  1. No more doomed than we were under Little Bush, Clinton, Big Bush, Reagan, etc.

    Kev, this country is stronger than anyone you can throw at it. All you doomsayers about Obama need to get a grip. He’s not Chairman Mao. He’s not driving this country into the ground (Bush didn’t, either.) Mitt Romney was a poor choice by the Republicans, but they didn’t really field any good candidates.

    They better take a good long look at themselves and their party if they want to win in 2016.

  2. You should have to own property to vote. That would keep the takers out of the booth and put the right people in power.

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