Happy 67th Birthday, Mr. Neil Young…

Neil Young celebrates his 67th birthday today. 2012 is quite a year for Neil. He has released three different projects in one year. I don’t know how he does it at this age, but the man keeps himself busy. Neil has released two different albums with Crazy Horse this year, “Americana”, and “Psychedelic Pill”. He also released his memoir, “Waging Heavy Peace”. Neil is always working. The man just doesn’t stop. Which is part of why he gets my respect.

I love Neil. He’s a huge inspiration and a hero to me. Thanks Neil, and thanks for what you do. Here are several of my favorite Neil Young songs in the videos below. Seriously, I’m a huge fan of Neil. He’s a phenomenal singer and guitarist. He’s a good guy and honest. He treats his career in a positive note. Too many reasons why he gets my respect. I’ll always stay loyal to Neil. I just hope to get my chance to see him in concert or even better, meet the man in person.



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