What inspired me to play acoustic rock…

Some may wonder how I came up with the idea of an acoustic rock sound. Writing original rock songs on an acoustic guitar. Well, here’s how I came up with the idea. Since the acoustic guitar is mostly looked at as a country/folk/bluegrass instrument. I thought to myself, that it doesn’t have to be. Why not try to change the acoustic scene around a little bit, by playing rock n’ roll? Play the acoustic guitar as if you were playing an electric. That’s how I saw myself as. When I play acoustic rock, I picture myself in my head playing those songs electric in a full band. That’s where these songs come from and that’s how I originally hear them at first. I will continue to play aggressive acoustic rock. I try to do other genres but this how I’ve always played. This is how my upcoming new songs will continue to be.

Acoustic music doesn’t always have to be slow and folky, all the time. I know I’m not the creator of acoustic rock, but I would like to try and bring it to everyone’s attention in a big way. Sit down acoustic performances can sometimes be a little boring. Why not have an energetic acoustic rock performance just like the full bands do, ya know? Watch my live performances in youtube, and you would see right away that they are definitely not sit down folky performances. I like to rock out on stage just like any rocker would.

I never saw myself as an acoustic folk, kind of guy. I always saw myself as a rock n’ roller. Another inspiration to this, is that I listen to so much rock n’ roll and metal, my songwriting comes from that as well.

I’m not afraid to rock it up on stage. Maybe this is part of why I have trouble getting recognized in the scene ’cause I don’t sing like pop music or American Idol. That’s okay, because popularity kind of sucks anyway. I kind of prefer being an obscure and overlooked artist, as I like it that way better.


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