Report: Macgyver movie is finally on it’s way to the big screen with James Wan in talks to direct, will Richard Dean Anderson return?

“Macgyver” was one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I was pretty obsessed with the show when I was a kid. It was pretty addicting and loved it too much. I plan on re-watching this show on Netflix soon ’cause the show is streamable, I believe. Well, New Line, is moving forward on the “Macgyver”, big screen movie, and horror film director, James Wan, is in talks to direct. James Wan, is mostly known for doing horror films but looks like he wants to do something different for a change. It’s not yet know if Richard Dean Anderson, the star of the TV, will return as Macgyver for the movie version, but there are hopes. I hope Richard will say yes, to reprising his role. That would be great if he came back.

Although, it wouldn’t surprise me if the movie version will have a different actor playing the Macgyver character, much like, “The A-Team” movie having different actors. I hope they don’t go down that direction, but all we can do is cross our fingers and pray if, Richard Dean Anderson, will return. That will be amazing if he did. I’m all for him coming back as this character.

Variety, reports.


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