Cool Video: Dolph Lundgren himself shows off a few “Expendables” workouts, they really work!!!

In this video, Dolph Lundgren is seen here teaching this woman a few workouts that he did for, “The Expendables”, movies. In his workout training, he doesn’t do much bodybuilding and weightlifting. He focuses mostly on body weight workouts, just the body alone. He mostly does kickboxing and martial arts type of workouts that helps keep him in shape. In fitness, you can get in the greatest shape of your life, by not doing weight lifting at all. You can still get a ripped physique just doing body workouts alone. I just tried the first two workouts in these videos, and they really work. I can feel the burn. Dolph is a good workout trainer and I admire his unique workouts. Dolph has plenty of unique workouts. Do a youtube search.


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