Dana White finally has change of heart of women fighting in UFC…

This morning, I saw the UFC official page post up a poster of one of their upcoming PPV fights. The poster had two women on it, set for a main event with Rousey vs. Carmouche set for a Bantamweight Title fight. Yes, you heard that right, people. This is the first women’s fight in UFC history!

I’m glad Dana finally did the right thing and allowed women to fight in UFC. He used to be against women fighting and now he’s all for it!

See the advertisement of the UFC 157 ppv, here.

I’m sure it’s gonna anger a lot of male fans with a female main event, but the women deserve this opportunity to fight in the UFC. I’m sure people will accuse those women of being lousy fighters, but ya never know! It can end up being a hell of a fight!

I think I’ll pay my money to watch this one, folks! I haven’t watched UFC in the last couple of years or so ’cause their ppvs are so pricey, I can’t afford to watch it every single month. I want to watch that women’s fight.

I watched women fight in Strikeforce before, and they do put on great fights. Their fights are more entertaining and interesting than men fights, in my opinion. Don’t discriminate. Women deserve to be a part of everything! Dana can be a good guy after all! Hopefully the first women’s fight will be good, so they can have much more of them.


6 thoughts on “Dana White finally has change of heart of women fighting in UFC…”

  1. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Since UFC doesn’t like competition. They only bought Strikeforce so they could cherry pick the talent and bring more viewers to UFC. There’s a demand and a market for women’s’ fights, so it’s natuaral for UFC to shift the talent under their brand.

    1. yeah, as soon as I read the news that Dana White and Zuffa, bought Strikeforce, I had a feeling, they were going to get women in. Now that UFC allows women to fight, hopefully, Gina Carano, will make her way to the UFC.


      1. Some people think Gina Carano has retired from MMA but she never announced retirement. I think she’ll come back. I’m sure Dana White will offer her a huge deal to have her fight.


  2. I don’t think bringing female fighting to the mainstream will be good for women. It will blur the lines for a lot of men that they can beat the shit out of a woman just because they see women fight each other on tv.

    1. I respect that opinion, but women have been fighting in cages for years. Not just for Strikeforce but independent fighting events too. Dana didn’t allow it for a few reasons, it might overshadow the men’s divisions, and maybe, he thought it was too dangerous for them. He would hate to see the women get hurt badly or even get killed, but maybe he decided it would be no problem. I don’t think women fighting on TV will have an affect on men beating up women. Women fight in professional boxing too. Remember that. Women deserve the same opportunity as men do. Women are people too and should be treated equally.

      Maybe the first women’s UFC fight is just a try out? If it’s a success, they’ll have more.


  3. I respect yours too and I already know everything you’re saying but the UFC would make it more mainstream than ever before. I don’t need some douchebag with an Affliction t shirt thinking it’s ok to fight me because he sees women fight every week now on Spike Tv.

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