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UFC 157 thoughts, first women’s fight…

I stopped watching UFC for a long while for a few reasons. 1) Their ppv’s are overpriced 2) The fights have been ridiculously boring lately. I can’t afford to watch PPV’s monthly but once in a blue moon, I’ll watch either a UFC ppv or a WWE ppv if the card looks good enough to me. Well, I’m thinking about paying my money to see this one ’cause I want to witness the first ever women’s fight in UFC. As you all know the UFC never have women fight before. There were female fighters in Strikeforce, which now UFC owns.

Of course, women fighting in UFC is going to piss all the male fans off ’cause in the UFC facebook, there are men hating on it. Yes, women in UFC is going to make the men all jealous and shit, but give the women fighters a chance. I think this will be a great fight. People want to mistakenly believe that women can’t fight, but have you ever watched women fight in Strikeforce? I have, and they do put on great fights. Women can be just as tough as men can. As a matter of fact, women are tougher than men, and the male fans are mad for that reason. I’m seeing comments by guys in the UFC facebook, that a lot of them are accusing one of those women of using steroids. Hello? And the male fighters in UFC don’t use steroids either? HA!

I’m all for women fighting in UFC. They deserve it. Women deserve to be a part of every sport, and there shouldn’t be any discrimination at all.

I don’t care who wins this fight, I just want to see two women kicking each others asses.

All the male fans should get used to women in UFC ’cause I’m feeling that there will be MANY more women fights after this one. I enjoy women fighting, whether it will be in boxing, cage fighting, wrestling, etc. They deserve to be a part of everything.

I can’t wait for Gina Carano to make her way into the UFC ’cause I’m feeling she will soon.


Dana White finally has change of heart of women fighting in UFC…

This morning, I saw the UFC official page post up a poster of one of their upcoming PPV fights. The poster had two women on it, set for a main event with Rousey vs. Carmouche set for a Bantamweight Title fight. Yes, you heard that right, people. This is the first women’s fight in UFC history!

I’m glad Dana finally did the right thing and allowed women to fight in UFC. He used to be against women fighting and now he’s all for it!

See the advertisement of the UFC 157 ppv, here.

I’m sure it’s gonna anger a lot of male fans with a female main event, but the women deserve this opportunity to fight in the UFC. I’m sure people will accuse those women of being lousy fighters, but ya never know! It can end up being a hell of a fight!

I think I’ll pay my money to watch this one, folks! I haven’t watched UFC in the last couple of years or so ’cause their ppvs are so pricey, I can’t afford to watch it every single month. I want to watch that women’s fight.

I watched women fight in Strikeforce before, and they do put on great fights. Their fights are more entertaining and interesting than men fights, in my opinion. Don’t discriminate. Women deserve to be a part of everything! Dana can be a good guy after all! Hopefully the first women’s fight will be good, so they can have much more of them.