Another thing that annoys me about the fitness community online…

In facebook, I’ve been drawn into this bodybuilding debate that intrigued me to join in.This person’s facebook is a pretty well known bodybuilder sensation, and you would probably figure out who I’m referring to, without naming names. Anyway, another thing that bothers me with the online fitness community is all the fanboys who support their bodybuilding hero. If you think the musicians community is bad, the fitness people can be much worse. Whenever this bodybuilder trainer posts something up in facebook or youtube, their fanboys will usually go crazy over everything they post. Agreeing with everything they post and giving them praises on everything. Whenever somebody goes in there and have a different opinion on something or disagree with on a topic, they’ll start bashing you on stuff.

That’s kind of what’s going on here. That’s okay, I don’t mind getting bashed on by a bunch of guys only because my opinion is different, ’cause I’ve been getting some guys giving me thumbs up on my comments, so that stuff lets me know I’m saying the right things.

Whenever you disagree with on a topic, sure enough, the bodybuilder trainer will want to think he’s smarter than you and think he’s right on everything. It’s funny, ya know. They’ll start saying immature shit like, “Well, why don’t you try it” or “You don’t have the good enough physique, so you shouldn’t be calling us out on stuff”, lol. That’s how much of an egotist and a bunch of hypocrites these people can be. Just because they’re bodybuilders, they want to act tougher and smarter online.

Instead of helping each other out in a positive manner, they just want to fight and argue. This is why I don’t support these fitness guys. They can be pretentious and ego-driven douchebags. Not all of them are like this, some fitness trainers online can be friendly, and helpful. There are too many fitness trainers getting into feuds with each other and calling each other out in youtube, I don’t want any part of that stuff which is why I don’t watch their videos too much anymore. There are too many assholes in the fitness world, just like there are too many assholes in the world of music.


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