Report: “Dexter – Season 8”, which could be the show’s final season, will air sooner than you think…

Showtime announced some major news today, that they will air, Dexter “Season 8”, this summer premiering on, June 30th. The show, “Dexter”, is usually aired in the Fall, around Sept./Oct. Look like they really want to tell the story for Season 8 to everyone, so they got to be airing the next season early for a reason. “Season 7” just finished not too long ago and it did end with a shocker. “Season 8” could supposedly be the shows final season ever, so it will be interesting to see where the story is going to go from here.

See the announcement, here.

2013 is looking to be a great year for TV. “Walking Dead” returning in Feb. “Game of Thrones” is coming back at the end of March, which is what I’m excited for. “Breaking Bad” is returning in the summer. Looking forward to all these shows returning. Love all these shows!


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