Thought: About Scott Weiland being officially fired from STP…

So Stone Temle Pilots, made it official that Scott Weiland is no longer, the lead singer. They put out a small statement saying the singer has been officially terminated. I’m sure you’re wondering my thoughts, so I would give it briefly. I’m sure a lot of people want to blame it on the drugs. It probably is the drugs, but I’m sure it’s more than that. You see, Scott has a huge ego problem, and he seems to be a huge dick toward other band members, which is how Scott got booted from, Velvet Revolver. I think Scott Weiland is a talented rock n’ roll singer, he’s one of the best out there, but you can’t deny that he is a bit of a douchebag. Scott and Dean Deleo has been feuding on and off for a while now, and looks like they aren’t getting along again.

On top of that, the Stone Temple Pilots aren’t a relevant band anymore to begin with. Their first three albums “Core”, “Purple”, and “Tiny Music…” were really phenomenal and amazing, but everything after “Tiny Music…”, the band went downhill.

Scott will probably try to go back to Velvet Revolver, but it’s pretty unlikely they’ll want him back at all. Scott will try to find another band to join, but I don’t think other bands will want him either after what happened with Velvet Revolver and STP. Scott needs to learn what karma is all about. You become a drug addict, all kinds of bad karma will come out of it, everywhere you go.

I just wish Scott would get himself clean, so he won’t end up dead or back to prison again. He is a talented guy, he just needs a lot of help. I don’t see how STP is going to continue on without Scott ’cause Scott is STP. Scott’s voice is the reason for the band’s grungy sound. I don’t think he’s replaceable so they may as well break up the band again, if they’re gonna get rid of him.


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