Scott Weiland’s, STP firing, sparks huge debate in music community…

All over the music community online, STP kicking out Scott Weiland, started this huge debate about his firing. There’s been pretty interesting discussions everywhere in facebook, other blogs, and music forums. Places like those. Of course, fans of Stone Temple Pilots, are upset that the band kicked out their leader. There is also a bunch of other people who blame this on Scott’s drug problems and think it’s his fault. As usual there is a mixture of opinions and responses when it comes to Scott’s firing… however, one thing that we all came to an agreement on is that Scott Weiland IS, Stone Temple Pilots. Everyone also agrees, that Scott is irreplaceable.

I think the question that we’re all wondering is, can Scott be fired from something that he created himself? That’s the mystery there.

Heh, this feud reminds me of that movie, “School of Rock”, when Dewey Finn was kicked out of his own band that he created, so he went and formed a band on his own, and wrote a song about it. “How can you kick me out of what is mine”, is the line from that song from the movie.

When you form your own band, can the other guys in the band, have the power to kick you out even if you’re the leader? That has always been debatable.

Here’s how Scott can’t be fired from his own group… as long as Scott owns some of the trademark of the Stone Temple Pilots name, and as long as he owns the copyright for a lot of STP songs, those reasons alone are why he can’t leave. Scott Weiland DOES own part of the trademark for the STP band name, I looked it up on the trademark website, and it’s filed under his name along with the other 3 members listed. All 4 members of the band, share the name. So as long as Scott’s name is a registrant for the trademark, he has the power to sue and take full control of the name if they battle it out in court, if he wanted to.

Lets say if you own a business, and your employees, hate your guts and want you gone, they can’t do anything to get rid of you, since you’re the owner. Well, it’s the same thing with a band, ya know?

Scott can’t leave unless he chooses to. I’m a Stone Temple Pilots fan, sure, but I only loved their first three albums. Their newer stuff aren’t that good. STP is Scott’s band. Always has been. The other members can be replaceable, but not their leader who has always been an important member. This is interesting and I’m going to be following this feud. Looking forward to seeing how it’s gonna end. Will Scott and the band resolve their differences behind the scenes, or will they take it to the court room? Who knows.


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