Film Of The Day: Big Trouble In Little China

This is one of my favorite old school action movies from the 80’s, “Big Trouble In Little China” starring Kurt Russell. Also, directed by John Carpenter. It’s an action movie and comedy both at the same time.It tells the story of a trucker named, Jack Burton, who agreed, to pick up Wang Chi’s fiance at the airport. Of course, she gets kidnapped by this man named Lo Pan because she has green eyes and he needs someone with green eyes, so he can regain his physical form. Jack also gets his truck stolen. So Jack, had no choice but to rescue this woman from Lo Pan, and try to get his truck back.

This film is what I call a classic, and it’s one of those movies that you must see, in order to call yourself a true movie buff. Everyone should know about this film, and if you haven’t, then you don’t know your movie history like you think you do. I think it’s one of Carpenter’s best films. It’s another one of those movies I can watch over and over, and never get tired of it. This movie is so entertaining. I really hope Hollywood doesn’t remake this flick, ’cause the film would be so hard to copy. Kurt is a badass in this one too. If you haven’t seen it, do so, soon!



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