Film Of The Day: Mulholland Drive

David Lynch, have always been known to making weird as hell films, and yes, this is a strange one. This is probably my favorite David Lynch film, ever. It stars Naomi Watts in the leading role, and tells a story about this woman  named Betty who is an aspiring actress and she just arrived in Los Angeles to further her film career.  Betty meets another woman named Rita who has amnesia, who was hiding in this apartment. Together, they tried to help investigate Rita’s car accident that she was in on Mulholland Dr., but they were pulled into the world of psychotic illusions and dreams.

This film may not be for everyone. The story is going to be a bit bizarre for you, too confusing, but overall, an enjoyable and addicting film that will get you hooked. The film was beautifully shot like Lynch films always are. His writing and storytelling is always unique. Before watching this film, though, I would suggest you watch more of Lynch’s work so you can understand his style of film making. I’ll also have to warn you though, that there are plenty of lesbian sex scenes and nudity in this film. Yes, I do believe Naomi is naked in this film a few times, I think. Haven’t seen this film in a while. David Lynch is a master film maker. Huge fan of his work.

If you do want to check out this film anyway, it is Netflix streamable. So check it out on there, if you would.


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