Report: Joel Silver is planning, “Escape From New York” reboot, prequel will be worked on first…

Rob Zombie was the first to start doing “Halloween” remakes from John Carpenter, and now Hollywood is taking another go at a John Carpenter remake/reboot. “Escape From New York” reboot will be in the works soon. The new trilogy will be put together by producer, Joel Silver. When these new movies start being in the works, keep in mind, that they are going to be completely different than the Kurt Russell versions.  I remember when Rob Zombie was doing the Halloween remakes, John Carpenter ordered him NOT to make the remake similar to the original, so Carpenter would probably want the same with the “Escape From New York” reboots. I love the “Escape From…” films, yes, even “Escape from L.A.” the sequel was pretty good. “Escape From New York” is a classic film, though. It wouldn’t surprise me if they get Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa to play the new, Snake.

More on the story, here.


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