Will my music ever get the recognition it deserves?

Sometimes I get a few people saying that my music should get the recognition it deserves. Keep going forward. Making a lot more fans. Playing a lot more venues. Things like that. Could my music get as far as to the point where the indie labels would be interested in me? I don’t know. Maybe. If I don’t get that far, that’s okay with me. I’ll just continue to do what I do. Making music and writing songs. It is flattering that a few people out there think of my music this way. On how, some think my music deserves a bigger career. I’m just not worried about it.

The best thing I can say is, that I’ll just keep writing. Write, write, write, and write. If I keep writing songs, then who knows. Maybe my music will one day explode in the music scene or even in the industry. I’m always trying to figure out ways on how to write that great song, and I believe I am slowly improving, in my songwriting.

While I do agree that music should be for myself, and not pleasing everybody, I still hope that my songs do get discovered and get heard. I don’t think I’ll ever get as big as EBJ/Sean Rowe/Phantogram, but ya never know, I could, if I decide to move this music thing forward. For now, I just look at music as a hobby kind of thing. Not a career. I just write music for the love of it. If I wanted to get that big, I better perfect my craft in the songwriting, which is what I’ve been trying to do for the last 18 years I’ve been playing music. This is part of why I have decided to try and write more slow ballads/folk songs, hoping that genre will catch more listeners ears. One thing to remind you about though, guys, is that I’ve always written slow ballads and original folk songs: “Back to Running”, “Secret of Mine”, “The Crash”, etc.

I’m really am trying hard to write great songs. I do get songwriting and recording tips from other musicians, that I can appreciate. Like I said, I’ll just keep making music and see what happens. If a big career doesn’t happen at all, I’ll just continue to enjoy life and do my thing. If a music career don’t happen at all, I’ll just continue to make music for you guys. I better write music soon instead of talking about it, and don’t worry, I’ve been coming up with a lot of great ideas musically. Stay tuned.


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