Film Of The Day: Rambo: First Blood

Alright, time to start doing the Stallone movies, and I’ll start with the first, Rambo. “Rambo: First Blood”, a 1982 action movie that was adapted from the novel by David Morrel, and starring Stallone, Richard Crenna and Brian Dennehy. The story tells a story of a former Green Beret who fought in the Vietnam War. He traveled all the way to Hope, Washington on foot to visit a friend, only to find out that his friend died when he arrived. As Rambo continued to travel on foot, he was approached by the town’s Sheriff who’s name is, Will Teasle. Rambo wanted to go into town for a bite to eat, but instead Teasle drives him out of town. Of course, Rambo refuses to leave town and tries to enter, anyway. Sheriff Teasle ends up arresting him. While in jail, Rambo is tortured by law enforcement. While still being haunted by his Vietman war past, that sends him into a rage where he takes matters at his own hands by escaping. Rambo hides out in the woods to protect himself from the Sheriff and the police who want to kill him. Rambo’s old war friend, Col. Trautman, returns to try to talk Rambo into giving up and turning himself in.

Not only this is one of my favorite Stallone movies ever, this is one of the greatest action movies of all time. The action scenes are pretty breathtaking, all the way. This film also has Sly’s best acting. Of course, Brian Dennehy and Richard Crenna kill it with their acting too. The score is also pretty amazing. Rambo is the type of war hero that you don’t want to mess with. He is a mean killing machine, for sure. This is not just an action movie, it’s about survival, most importantly. I’ve seen the first Rambo movie way too many times. It never gets old. If you want to see why Sly is such an action movie legend, this movie will show you why he matters to so many people. The best scene of the film is where Rambo and Col. Trautman appear on screen for the first time toward the end of the film. That big Rambo speech. The other Rambo films may be okay, but obviously, the original “First Blood” movie will always be the best one. A lot of people should have seen this by now, but if you haven’t, you need to see it.


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