Film Of The Day: The Wrestler

I realize I’ve been silent on these “Film of the Day” things the last couple of days, but I’ll try to do these daily the best I can. I’ll do this now, to get it out of the way.

I think “The Wrestler”, starring Mickey Rourke and directed by Darren Aronofsky, was the best film released in 2008. This is really one of my favorite dramas of all time.

It tells the story of Randy “The Ram” Robinson, who is a professional wrestler who works for small independent wrestling companies such as VFW. He also works a part time job at a grocery store and he has a girlfriend who is a stripper. While Randy, struggles to make money and live his life, things around him start to crumble. He becomes addicted to steroids, he loses his stripper girlfriend, he tries to reconcile with his daughter, and many other things. While he tries to get his life back together, there is one thing that he still loves to do, and that is wrestling.

You see, you don’t have to be a fan of professional wrestling yourself, to watch a movie like this. This movie wasn’t made strictly for wrestling fans. It was made to give people insight on what a professional wrestler’s life is like outside of the ring. This film wants to take a realistic approach on things. It’s not just a movie about professional wrestling either. This movie is about what life could be like when a man is aging. While this movie is about a professional wrestler, there isn’t a lot of wrestling scenes in this movie for a reason ’cause this film wants to let people know that wrestlers can be real, and they can be human like us. A lot of professional wrestlers look after this movie ’cause this movie reminded so much of their own life.

Most importantly of all, it’s the acting of the cast, is what made this movie worked, especially Mickey’s performance, and Marisa Tomei was good too. This is a beautiful film, and sad. This movie will bring tears to your eyes for sure. I believe this film should have won, “Best Picture”, that year. Posting about the movie, makes me want to watch this movie again, maybe I will sometime this week.


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