Cool Video: Showtime confirms, “Dexter – Season 8”, is it’s last season…

Sad. Two of my favorite shows on TV are ending completely this year. They are: “Dexter”, and “Breaking Bad”. It’s sad that Dexter have to end this soon ’cause I believe there is much more of a story to be told. There is too much more. Just before Season 7, I remember Michael C. Hall almost retired from the show but Showtime talked him out of it by offering him a deal he couldn’t refuse so he can come back for two more seasons. Michael really wants to move on from this show and he’s finally decided has had enough. I can’t blame him though. He’s been working on this show for years, and he is probably all burned out. He wants to move on to other projects.

Here is a clip from the Season 8 premiere. The clip features Dexter having this bizarre conversation with his adoptive-sister, Debra. Debra and her usual potty mouth. She’s been like this throughout most of the show over the years. Her constant “F Bombs” is what makes her character awesome.

It is going to be interesting to see how Dexter is going to end, though. Will Dexter give himself up and turn himself in or will they finally catch him? Maybe Dexter will get killed off before anything even happens. It’ll be interesting, and I’m looking forward to it. Sad this is the last season. One of my favorite shows on TV. Michael C. Hall is a very talented actor; he deserves to move on to better things.


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