Why “Game of Thrones” is so popular…

So you ask, why is “Game of Thrones” so popular? Why are people talking about the series all over social networking sites? Spoilers are all over facebook and people can’t resist talking about the stories ’cause they can’t help themselves. George R. R. Martin the author of the books and creator of the TV series on HBO is quite a guy.

I did watch all of Season 3 on HBO. It was an okay season but could have been better. Of course, episode 9 was the best one… that certain wedding that everyone is talking about. Don’t want to reveal spoilers at this time.

So why is “Game of Thrones” very popular in the entertainment industry? I can think of 5 reasons why…

  • George R.R. Martin can tell stories like no one else – This guy makes it alright for people to start reading books again. He also makes Stephen King, Stephanie Meyer (The Twilight series) and J.K. Rowling look like little kids. What I mean by that is that George took over those three authors spotlight, big time. George is one masterful storyteller for sure. He knows how to keep his readers hooked.
  • The characters are entertaining – While George makes his characters interesting and likable, one thing to keep in mind about George’s characters in these stories that there are no good guys or bad guys here. The good guy vs. bad guy thing has gotten old and George wants to take things to a different level. While some of these characters — such as Tyrion, Daeny, Jon Snow, Theon, Arya, etc. — may seem like heroes, all of those characters have their share of doing evil things, plus bad things happen to them too. Not everything they do is heroic. The good guys don’t always win in “Game of Thrones”, so be careful here.
  • There’s a lot of unpredictability and people love big shockers – There are tons of intense scenes and people love major shockers. We don’t have that much with books and TV shows over the years. “Game of Thrones” can get controversial at times ’cause of the shock material in the stories. You just never know what will happen with these characters. You have a favorite character? Don’t be surprised if George decides to kill that character off even if that character is very popular with fans. He just did exactly that with the 9th episode of Season 3. Killed off an important character that pissed off a lot of fans. That was intentional and that was George’s goal.
  • People are simply into medieval and fantasy stories – Medieval stories about knights and armor, fantasy tales doesn’t get that much respect anymore. George just made that genre popular again. I love medieval and viking kind of stories myself. It’s nice to see this stuff make the mainstream again.
  • People just like something different – There are no other good TV shows and there are no other good books to read. A lot of people like “Game of Thrones” ’cause there’s nothing else that is good out there. So they get drawn into this franchise ’cause it’s different.

I know I do those “5 – 10 Reasons Why…” posts quite a lot but hey, it’s just an easier way to get my points across on things instead of writing everything in big paragraphs.


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