Report: “Terminator 5” finally confirmed but will be a reboot…

Paramount Pictures has finally greenlighted, “Terminator 5”; however, this will be a new trilogy. The story for T-5 will not continue after, “Terminator III: Rise of the Machines”. Paramount has set a release date for the new Terminator film in July of 2015. The last Terminator film was, “Terminator: Salvation” starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington — that film was a prequel of the first Terminator film.

Read the full story, here.

While this sounds exciting but to be honest, I’m a little skeptical and disappointed. First of all, I think they should have continued from the original series so they can finish the story of Skynet and John Connor. Secondly, no matter how many sequels and reboots they do with the Terminator franchise — they can’t have much success without James Cameron helming. I mean, why do you think “Rise of the Machines” and “Salvation” weren’t that much of a success? By the way, I didn’t think “Rise of the Machines” and “Salvation” were bad films — I thought they were pretty good actually.

James Cameron made the first two movies for what they were. It was Cameron who made these movies special. I thought the first, ‘Terminator” and “T2: Judgement Day” were absolute masterpieces for sure. Would they ever top what Cameron did to the films? I don’t think so, it’s gonna be tough.

Plus will Arnold return? No word yet but I’m sure he will in some form. To those who mistakenly think Arnold would be too old to be playing Terminator again — don’t badly judge this early. Arnold still can do action movies very well. After what he did with “The Expendables 2” and his latest movie, “The Last Stand” (which was very good, btw) — I think the Governator still has what it takes to play Terminator again for sure.

Hope they hire a good director; although, it wouldn’t surprise me that Hollywood will try to talk Christopher Nolan or Ridley Scott to direct the next Terminator film. I would prefer James Cameron to jump back on board. I doubt Cameron would ever go back to Terminator again but you never know.


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