Liberal people are helping to protect President Obama? That’s what this is all about???

Whenever President Obama is accused of something like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, IRS, spying, drones, lying about his birthplace, lying about his religion, etc. that’s when people will start to defend Obama. Liberal media seems to be protecting him. The liberal news. That’s why liberal people in social media sites and other blogs try to defend Obama. It seems that the liberal people worship President Obama like he’s a hero or a king or something. They never want to admit that he has done many impeachable offenses and committed horrible crimes. They just make lie after lie as a way to make President Obama look good. Even if stuff like Benghazi or the IRS and all the conservatives are blaming Obama for both of those, the liberals will act like he had nothing to do with those scandals. They’ll defend Obama no matter what is said about him. Just like they’ll do whatever it takes to defend Trayvon Martin.

Liberals don’t want to see conservatives trying to bring Obama down and take him out of office. Liberals accuse conservatives of making things up and starting rumors to make Obama look bad when none of that is true. We right-wingers are not dumb, ya know? We know we don’t believe everything on the internet. Even though it hasn’t been yet proven that Obama has anything to do with those crimes… we can tell he had something to do with them all ’cause all of the information that gets out on the news. From all the witnesses, news reports, hearings, etc. Obama is brought up through all them.

People mistakenly want to believe that Obama is innocent and harmless ’cause he’s President and works for the government. That doesn’t necessarily make him a good guy, ya know? There have been evil presidents in the past.

In my opinion, I think people need to stop protecting him. Sooner or later, you’re gonna realize that I was right about this man and you’ll feel dumb for protecting him afterwards. When will America finally wake up and realize that he’s not a good guy? I’m sure that time will come.

This is why liberals get all over me. They don’t like me hating on Obama, all the time. I love how people think an impeachment will never happen. Just more evidence that’s just another lie and you are trying to protect him, nothing more.

A President of the United States is NOT above the law. They can’t go on after doing something bad. They need to be held accountable just like the rest of us if we do something bad. Obama just covers up most of his crimes and lies about everything. He’s trying to make himself look like a good guy. That’s why the liberals still think he’s innocent. It’s all control and manipulation. Obama just making his fellow liberals happy.

I’m not stopping what I’m doing. I can’t do it. Even though, I sort of slowed down on the Obama hate in facebook so I don’t go to war with those liberals… I’ll just continue to do my thing here instead.

There’s so much stuff that we don’t know about President Obama ’cause it seems like he’s a very private guy and he keeps a lot of his personal life hidden from us. So how we can trust a President like that? Obama’s not a good speaker either. He uses a teleprompter. To be a president you must be a good speaker and Obama doesn’t have that. Previous presidents haven’t use teleprompter’s that much. A lot of presidents in the past improvised their speeches. That’s the way to do it.

Wake up America. Obama is not our President. We’re gonna get him on Benghazi… doesn’t matter if you like it or not.


4 thoughts on “Liberal people are helping to protect President Obama? That’s what this is all about???”

  1. Libs defend Obama. Repubs and Conservatives defend Bush. Libs bash Bush. Repubs and Conservatives bash Obama. Nothing new. Politic as usual.

    1. That’s where you’re definitely wrong. Rep. and right-wingers bashed Dubya Bush too. Doesn’t matter if a President is democrat/republican… if they do bad things, they’ll get called out.

      I’m pretty sure that there are even some Liberals out there who hate Obama but we need a lot more.


      1. I’m not wrong. Fir the most part it is just as I stated. But as you pointed out, there are indeed detractors on both sides within the party. And in both cases, they are and alwsys have been in the minority.

        As far as the mass media goes, they have always been on the liberal side. That will never change. There has been brief periods where the media has gone against Obama on rate ocxasion. And even the Supreme Court hss ruled against in some issues.

        Honestly, its mind boggling how much support he still has. It just goes to show how lazy and how uninformed the majority has become in this Country.

        And when I post comments saying Ovama won’t be impeached, Hilary will be our next President, etc..that is NOT in support of them. Its just reality. Its just the way it is.

      2. I’m still standing by it that an impeachment is coming for Obama once the truth of Benghazi comes out. That’s worthy of impeachment alone if he’s found to be lying about the attacks and covering it all up. If you think he has nothing to do with Benghazi, then you’re the one who’s clueless and know nothing.


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