Happy 66th birthday, Arnold!!!



The first photo above is me at Arnold’s star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The bottom photo is me at a Hollywood wax museum. I posted these in honor of Arnold’s birthday today.

I’m tired of people knocking Arnold. Arnold deserves the respect. No matter what you think of him… love him or hate him… he didn’t get where he is today for nothing. He really did all the work to make all of his dreams come true. Bodybuilding champ, iconic movie star, and former governor of California. There is a pretty good reason why he wanted to become a famous person. First of all, he didn’t have much back when he was living in Austria and he wanted to move to the USA so he can live a better life. Secondly, he wanted to make his bodybuilding dreams come true and become the best ever which he did exactly that. Yes, he’s going to get all kinds of steroid accusations and he admitted to using them plenty of times but despite his past steroid use, Arnold was a natural.

Yeah, he made a lot of mistakes in life with his womanizing and all that stuff but that’s life. Arnold admitted to his mistakes that he cheated on Maria and he just wants to move on with his life. If you want a better understanding of Arnold Schwarzenegger, read his book, “Total Recall”. It’s a good book, and it’ll inspire you.

Most importantly, I respected Arnold for his movie career. He made so many great movies over the years like the first two Terminators, the Conan movies, Total Recall, Commando, Last Action Hero, True Lies, End of Days, Raw Deal, The Expendables, etc.

Love him or hate him, the fact is Arnold is king at everything he does. He may have not have been a good politician but you should still give him the respect for getting himself there. Arnold is multi-talented and a genius. He certainly inspired me over the years! He’s my second hero right behind Sly.

I’m tired of all the Arnold hate. In reality, he’s a good guy. I have never met him but I know he’s a good dude ’cause he likes what he does, he has passion for the things he does, and he adores his fans. No matter all the controversy that surrounds Arnold over the years, the fans still stuck with him and people still love the guy. I’ve always loved Arnold. Still do to this day. I looked after him ever since I was a child. I watched his movies and followed his bodybuilding stuff for years.

Happy Birthday, Arnold!


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