Finally, got that cable for the Behringer preamp but…

… still having hissing and humming issues. Got the right 1/4 to XLR balanced male cable that I was supposed to get, hooked up the M-Audio Fast Track to Behringer Preamp successfully. Got the preamp to pick up successfully and can hear it pretty damn good through the headphones but still having noise issues. I’m thinking it definitely have to be a grounding issue in this room ’cause I’m probably gonna keep getting noise issues no matter what kind of preamp I get. This preamp I got is a microphone preamp, not really a guitar preamp.

In order to fix the grounding issue in this room, I would either have to do some major electrical work. I don’t know anything about electricity or wiring and I would have to hire someone to do that stuff for me in this room. Either that or I would have to get some kind of ground isolator or transformer that would be more affordable. That’s the only option that I have.

The microphone on the preamp sounds pretty good amped up and a little louder but I have to get rid of the electrical buzzing sound. I know someone who is an expert and professional at home recording stuff so maybe I’ll have him help me out with this stuff.

I’ll still try to figure things out myself, though.


2 thoughts on “Finally, got that cable for the Behringer preamp but…”

    1. It is frustrating and annoying stuff. All this technology with music equipment and gear. I’m probably never gonna record without hissing ’cause that’s the way this room will always be. If I want to record perfectly clean, I guess I may have to record in a professional studio. Recording at home would be good for recording song ideas down.


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