Obamacare defunding getting passed through the House is good news but…

… I have a feeling that the Senate is gonna vote “Nay” on it. Even if Obamacare defunding gets passed through the Senate, you know President Obama will get it “vetoed”, anyways. The House maybe victorious but Obama himself is gonna do whatever it takes to prevail. Obama the coward himself responded to this by saying, “Republicans are trying to mess with me”… like a tough guy he thinks he is.

It’s all up to the Senate now if they want to listen to the American people or not which is gonna be tough ’cause there are more liberals in the Senate than there are right-wingers.

The fact is that Obamacare is really bad. It’s goal is to ruin people’s lives. It’s not a good healthcare bill at all and if you think it is you need to inform yourself. Obamacare is pretty scary stuff.

While it’s good that Congress is trying to fight Obamacare… they need to start working on trying to impeach the President. That would be even better than defunding or trying to repeal Obamacare.

My previous post on Obamacare was correct. It’s just that liberal idiot trying to mess with me. So I’m good.

I also don’t think we’ll get a government shut down ’cause to be honest, the government has always been shutdown if you know what I mean.



One thought on “Obamacare defunding getting passed through the House is good news but…”

  1. The Republicans are using a pretty low tactic to please advise few extreme right wing constituents and the Koch brothers. There’s a reason the legislation passed the house so narrowly, even being divided down party lines.

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