On removal of comments…

I remove comments on my site for a couple of reasons. I remove them if they don’t add any value to a discussion (in other words, not taking the discussion seriously) or if I feel comments are ridiculously stupid, doesn’t make any sense and most importantly of all, I don’t accept asshole and negative comments. Mostly the people trying to reply are nothing but assholes. Almost every reply by certain readers try to write an asshole comment to me and I can’t accept that here. There is nothing wrong with my posts at all. I try to keep my posts positive and entertaining the best I can but as always I get nothing but haters trying to be an asshole to me — pretty much, all the time.

I never understood why people think it’s okay to be negative to me all they want to. Personally, I think they do it ’cause they find it funny to them to harass me. That’s the only reason they do it. They’re like bullies in high school. Period. End of story.

I don’t accept criticism toward myself and my writing on this site.

Now, there are better ways of writing to me about things you disagree with. Instead of slamming or bashing me, why don’t you kindly correct me on things? Teach me things in a friendly way instead of saying immature shit like, “You don’t know nothing”, “you’re not smart”, and on and on and on. You get the idea, right?

I get angry readers writing nasty shit that I don’t care to read so I just delete them. I don’t care who the reader is. Wanna be an asshole? The comment will be gone. Don’t like it? Then leave my blog.

I’m a human being. I take what people say seriously too and I’m not gonna let people think it’s okay to write to me how they want and people have had this problem with me for many years. I try to stay positive and everyone else just want to be negative. I’m tired of it.

If you want your comment approved publicly, just play it cool and treat me like a human being, it’ll get posted. It’s that simple, right?

I treat my other social networking sites the same way: Facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. If people start to act like an asshole and if things get out of hand… goodbye. I get too many trolls following everything I do and obsessing with everything I say… I never understood why. Just a bunch of losers with no lives. I’m strict on moderating comments for a good reason. Pretty much that reason is all the haters and trolls on here. I’m trying to keep ’em all away.

As for the Obamacare defunding getting passed in the House is good news. I plan to give that post a re-write. Leaving the comments closed in this post ’cause it was meant to be a read and not reply kind of thing.