Maybe the dating world isn’t all that tough… I just gotta work on the confidence and know what to do!!!

A lot of men like to blame women on how tough they make this dating thing. It’s not the women that are making the dating world tough… it’s us men that is the big problem. We just don’t know what to do and don’t know how to handle the women.

I’ve been watching a lot of youtube videos from different dating coaches who give you advice on dating and picking up women. I’ve been watching videos from both male and female dating coaches. Some of their advice is really good and helpful, they make it look easy — however, some of the dating advice is just a bunch of bullshit.

I guess, I’ll publicly confess that I am kind of shy around women but the confidence is getting worked on as you can clearly see. I’m talking to women a lot more these days and feeling more comfortable around them. They’re just people like us. If you don’t try so hard and treat them like people, you can get women to like you easily.  These are the things that I’ve learned, anyway. Confidence is key to getting a date with women — there’s no other way around it. I just gotta learn to have balls and just talk to her if I see a pretty looking girl that I think I’ll like. I am learning that women won’t bite. I am learning that a lot of them like being told they’re beautiful, hot or gorgeous. I tell them that stuff in facebook all of the time that she’s beautiful, hot or gorgeous — I just gotta work on telling her that stuff to her face, in person.

I’m getting older. Almost 40 and I think I’m ready to settle in with a nice lady at some point.

Some people mistakenly believe that I can’t get a beautiful and attractive woman but I disagree. I learned that beautiful women would date any guy as long as you make her feel that she’s beautiful and if she knows that you can be confident and all that stuff. As long as you know what to do on how to hook up with women… you can hook up to any woman you want. Treat her like a human being, anything is possible. Just don’t rush things, play it cool and all will be good! I learned that giving her nice compliments is a perfect way to get a conversation started with her. Don’t wanna be talking to her about yourself… you wanna learn more about her.

Anyway, I don’t care to get a hot and beautiful woman. They would be nice, I wouldn’t mind an attractive woman in my life but honestly, looks doesn’t really matter to me. I wouldn’t date an ugly woman but a normal looking woman is just fine for me. I just want a woman with a good personality. Somebody with similar interests and have things in common. Somebody to talk to.

I don’t think I’m that bad looking of a guy. I think I’m pretty decent looking and women seem to enjoy being around me, anyway, so that’s a sign that they might think I’m handsome looking after all!

I don’t think I’ll hook up with a woman from online. The goal is to have balls and find a woman in person; a little more locally in my area. Again, I think the bar/club scene is a terrible way to pick up women. There are other good places to meet women at like the gym, the library, the grocery store or anywhere in town. I want to meet a woman who isn’t drunk.

I’ll admit that I am terrible at the dating thing and gotta learn to do it better. If I have more confidence and know what to do, I could start dating women like crazy!

I wanna get married myself and have kids someday. It’s all about finding the right one for me.


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