Did I watch “The Walking Dead” last night???

No, and I didn’t bother. I’m glad I didn’t watch it ’cause even if the Season 4 premiere of “The Walking Dead” got extremely high ratings… I heard last night’s premiere got a lot of negative reviews which didn’t surprise me at all. The show is really going downhill with the writing. I got the season 4 premiere on the DVR, all recorded but I’m probably not gonna bother watching it anyway since it got so much mixed reviews.

I think the only reason a lot of people continue to watch despite the bad writing is because of Daryl. Norman Reedus is a tremendous actor and Daryl is a great character but they really need to back off on him and concentrate on the story. Give other characters a chance for the spotlight. “The Walking Dead” is supposed to be the Rick Grimes show but apparently it’s quickly turning into the Daryl Dixon show. I think Daryl is what helps keep the show on the air ’cause people can’t get enough of him.

Yep, I think I’m all done with “The Walking Dead” for sure.

Now, if you like zombie apocalypse type of stories there is better out there. There are tons of zombie apocalypse movies. You should start watching George A. Romero movies, that’s a nice start right there. How much do you wanna bet that most “Walking Dead” fans haven’t even seen the original black and white “Night of the Living Dead” movie? I’ll take that film over the crap “Walking Dead”.

I played some “Grand Theft Auto V” on the PS3 all evening last night instead. I’ll probably play some more of that game tonight.


One thought on “Did I watch “The Walking Dead” last night???”

  1. Sup don’t really see how Daryl gets any move screen time thank anyone else. The story between him and Merle was important…

    Last night’s episode was interesting, I thought. Some interesting character changes, and the twist at the end was nice.

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