Cool Video: This guy is probably the best dating coach in youtube!!!

Jad T. Jones is good stuff. The dude seems to know what he’s talking about! This guy talks about how you should not be all creepy and just be normal when picking up women. If you be normal — all the time — then you will be more attractive to women and they will be all over you before you know it. I agree that trying to be the “pick up artist” and trying too hard seem to turn women off. I admittedly made those mistakes before. I’ll be sure to never do it again and follow this dude’s advice. Just treat her like a person and not a sex object.

Check out this dude’s channel, it’s entertaining stuff.

I respect this guy ’cause he seems to be one of the few dating coaches who gives out free advice on the internet.

Anybody can be great at picking up women… it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. You just gotta know what to do and do it right!