How to make your online web presence recognizable…

Some of you may ask… how does the Brock do it? How does he make his web presence online so recognizable and well-known? I get these questions sometimes. I’m about to explain how. Some would accuse me of craving for attention but that is pretty much not true. I think the secret to making your online web-presence recognizable and popular is… there is no secret. Just being yourself is all that matters. With your online web presence — whether it will be your blog, twitter, facebook, etc. — if you simply be yourself, people will be interested in you and will follow everything you do. Why do people follow me online?

Well for a number of reasons… my online web presence has always had a mixed reaction. You either love me or hate me. I’ve always had both supportive fans and haters.

People probably follow me for these simple reasons:

  • They find my rants entertaining as hell
  • They appreciate my honesty
  • Some like to make fun of me and laugh at the things I say (that’s what the haters do)

Some like to mistakenly think that I like to be negative and offensive intentionally just to get more attention for myself and boost my ego. Not true either. You see, I’m the type of guy who likes to speak my mind. If there’s something on my mind… I’m gonna say it. I can never tell if I am being negative and offensive or not… I usually let the people tell me that stuff. People usually let me know if I’m going way out of line. Make no mistake about it, though… I don’t think I’m right on everything I say or do. I will admit that I’m wrong on things and I regret some of the stuff I said in the past but for the most part, I usually never back down on my honesty. If I have an honest opinion on something… I usually stick it with it no matter how many people get pissed off. Once in a while, I will apologize for being offensive on certain things but it rarely happens.

I just can’t help it. What I am online. I’m just trying to be me, ya know? A lot of people online are afraid to be themselves. I’m not.

The things I do online… I’m just trying to keep people entertained as best as possible. I try to inspire people and entertain them with my thoughts on different topics like movies, music, fitness, politics, etc. The things I say online were never meant to be offensive, they were meant to entertain others so if you don’t take my writing seriously, you would enjoy it more. I don’t do this for myself at all. My goal has always been that I wanted people to look at the reality side of things and I think my goal is working quite well. That’s why I continue to do what I do.

Of course, when people disagree with me and have different opinions on stuff… that’s when I sometimes get a public backlash on things like with my rants on controversial subjects like the President Obama stuff, gay marriage, and such as those. I really never back down on my opinions on things. Why should you? You shouldn’t have to change your opinion just because so many people get all over you, right? Does everything that comes out of your mouth have to please every single person? In this day and age with the way people communicate online, it seems so.

Anyway, I never saw how my online writing was negative or offensive. I try to write as polite and kind as possible. I try my best to keep things civilized. Like I said before if I get too offensive and out of line… I let the people let me know. So I’m definitely not innocent in everything.

As for my rants on the local music scene, same thing. When I rant about local music, those posts were never meant to put down the scene in a negative direction as some say. I’m only trying to help the music scene. Try to make it better. I’m trying to inspire other musicians around here to change and try to get better. Looking at their attitudes, their professionalism, their musicianship, etc. Musicians want to believe I’m trying to upset them but not really. I like to look after my fellow musicians around this area. I’m a big music fan and supporter of local musicians… I just want to see them get better ’cause I feel that a lot of them have no clue with music.

So to those looking to make your online web presence more recognizable and well-known. If you want more people reading your blogs, facebook, twitter. Just be yourself. That’s pretty much the only way. Make your online web presence more human. You don’t have to use the internet just to promote your musical projects and other things. If you be more human and let people know that you are alive and real, being yourself is the way to go. Reply to everyone who writes to you, be more personal to people, and see what happens from there.

Why do you think so many famous celebrities have well-known web presences like say Amanda Palmer, perfect example? Her web presence is big because she likes to be herself. The same with professional wrestler, The Ultimate Warrior. The same with that Star Trek guy, George Takei. Many other celebrities have recognizable web-presences.

I’m not as big as those people yet but I don’t care… I like what I do now. So thanks for reading both supporters and haters. It means a lot!



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